ADVENT DEVOTION: Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Inside and Out
By Dylan Ballard

Cozy comfort list
Hot cocoa and marshmallows
Christmas movies (Elf, Home Alone)
Anything with nature
Christmas lights

This scenario, where all of these items are involved, evokes the perfect 'spiritual escape of sanctuary' to me. Curling up on a comfy couch, with PJs on and a warm blanket alongside a snuggly dog while drinking hot cocoa and watching a Christmas movie, makes for the perfect moment.

There is nothing that makes me feel closer to God or more loved by Him than when I spend time in nature, His creation. Whether it is just going for a walk in the neighborhood with my dog Moses, walking on a beach, or running a trail, those moments really provide a spiritual escape for me. Looking at Christmas lights every year is a big tradition for my family and we have some of our best Christmas memories while driving through River Oaks and marvelling at the lights. My dad, siblings, and I also always make a big effort to cover our house in Christmas lights each year. It is a great bonding moment as we put the lights up and then we get to reap the rewards later as the astounding amount of lights is a sight to see.

Silent Night video link
I don't really listen to much music, but every year at South Main the service is concluded with everyone singing Silent Night and holding candles as we walk out of the Sanctuary on the night of Christmas Eve. Now, Silent Night is the song that essentially sums up Christmas for me and hearing it is a definite spiritual escape of Sanctuary for me.

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