Advent Devotional December 14: Written by Sarah Lee (Cole) in 1998

As I was thinking about Christmas and the Advent season, I was trying to find a brief way to express what Christmas means to me. What one word best expresses my feelings about Christmas? Is it Giving? God gave me the greatest gift I will ever receive when He came to earth to live among men. So joyfully we give gifts at Christmas; and I give and give and love every minute of giving.

Then I thought about my family...Christmas is certainly a time of lots of family activities and family love. So, I added LOVE and FAMILY to my list of “one words.” 

But when I think of GIVING, LOVE, and FAMILY, I must add FRIENDS, for friends are a wonderful part of Christmas. How about decorations? At my house, I decorate...decorate… decorate with color and bright lights and lots of glitter and glitz. What a happy feeling as I get out my Nativity collection. So, I added DECORATIONS to my list. 

Then I thought of worship, for at Christmas we have times of special worship services with beautiful music at our church and at churches all across Houston. The word WORSHIP was added. 

We have parties and more parties, so PARTIES was added. What would Christmas be without a big Christmas dinner and all the baking and candy making? FOOD was added. 

My list is getting longer and I was looking for one word to describe Christmas! Then the word came to me… ABUNDANTLY. All the above in abundance. At Christmas, we do have all the above, abundantly, and even to excess but I think it must please God because Jesus said in John 10:10: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

That is what Christmas means to me. God came to earth that I might have life and have it more abundantly... sharing my life with others and sharing the season of Christ’s birth.

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