Be still, and know that I am God. 

Psalm 46:10

Three years ago, in October, my husband, Johnny, was out of work for three months because of a work-related injury. We tried very hard to make ends meet on the income of my part-time job and became very aware of doing without all the extras.

As the Christmas season arrived, we realized this would be a Christmas without gifts. This was very depressing, but we will always remember this as the Christmas when God showed us the meaning of true gifts.

During this difficult time we were strengthened and encouraged by the tremendous love of so many in our church. Along with all the support, there also came a time for us to pause — God again, through His people, reminding us of His love. In spite of not being as active in church as we once had been, people we didn’t even know were praying, calling, and encouraging us. Before Johnny’s injury we had been so busy with life that we were only attending church on Sunday. I thank God for this pause. It gave us the opportunity to re-prioritize our lives and remind us again that living our lives with God on the back burner is not His plan.

Johnny and I will never forget this Christmas gift. God is faithful to His promises; He never leaves us or forsakes us. The tremendous impact that our church family had on our lives during that Christmas season will never be forgotten. This brought a change in our lives. Johnny and I decided that we wanted to become a part of this kind of gift-giving, wanting to bestow upon others the priceless gifts we experienced through our church family.

The gift of love — God‘s love in a time of need.
The gift of stillness — stillness to hear His voice calling.

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