Desmond Tutu famously said “When you are pulling drowning people out of the river, there comes a time when you must look upstream and see why they are falling in.” 


This is exactly the aim of Sodzo International, South Main’s mission to serve the people of Kenya. This project began by focusing on the street orphans in and around Maua, Kenya, and that is still at the heart of the project. However, looking upstream necessitated addressing the social and economic ills that created a condition of orphancy.  From that was born the idea of family strengthening groups.

Beginning with a mere 30 families the the number of participant families has grown to nearly 4000 in various groups throughout southern Kenya. The groups focus on positive parenting skills, economic issues education and health care. With all of this going on it might be easy to forget that the nexus is still the kids — it might be until you meet those kids and work along side them at Sodzo’s Watoto wa Ahadi (Children of Promise) farm. The farm is truly the embodiment of God’s rebuilding of the Kingdom AND it is one of the places God has invited you to participate in that rebuilding. A group of South Mainer’s will travel to Kenya September 13-22. If you feel a calling to step into this journey please contact South Main’s Missions Coordinator J Hill for additional information.

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