Vaccination Survey Results and Our Updated Safety Protocols

Dear South Main family,

As promised, we want to share the results of the congregational vaccination survey and our updated safety protocols.

First, a huge thank you for the overwhelmingly wonderful response! Almost 400 households (representing over 1000 people) shared their thoughts and experience, and we are incredibly grateful.
Next, the answer everyone is waiting on....of those who responded (16 years and older), 89% are already fully vaccinated. Another 7% are partially vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated soon. Therefore in the very near future, 96% of those 400 households will be fully vaccinated. What exciting news!

Our COVID-19 Advisory Task Force reviewed the survey results along with metrics we have studied throughout the pandemic and have made the following updates to our protocols effective immediately:
We will return to full capacity worship indoors with no distancing requirements (This aligns with CDC guidelines — fully vaccinated people can safely return to a full capacity worship service with masks optional).

  • No registration or check-in is needed for worship.
  • People may sit where they want in the Sanctuary.
  • Masks are optional for fully vaccinated people and encouraged for those not yet fully vaccinated.
  • We will provide a space in the back of the center section for those who prefer to be at 3' of distance.
  • Because children 16 and under are not vaccinated, the Family Ministry is providing spaces for MainKids, The 527 Tribe, and Youth to worship apart from those in the Sanctuary and still adhering to social distancing measures. Of course, families are also welcome to worship with their kids in the Sanctuary. Details will be sent shortly from the Family Ministry.

So you may now come to worship in the Sanctuary without registering or checking-in. You may sit anywhere you like!

Lastly, a save-the-date......Sunday School for children and adults is returning to campus soon! Beginning Sunday, June 6, Sunday School Communities for all ages can meet on campus at 11:15 after worship. Stay tuned for more information about this soon.

Thank you again for your patience, prayers, and support as we navigate these last exciting steps together.

Your COVID-19 Advisory Task Force

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