Why do I tell others about South Main?

Many people know that I am the Marketing Coordinator for South Main. But, whether or not I am on staff at the church, it has always been my ministry passion to tell people about this church. Sharing about South Main is a gift I get to give over and over, because this church is not just a place, it is family to us. 
Mark and I joined South Main in 2001 when South Main and Midtown Houston were in a very different place. One of the reasons we adored the church was because there were so many senior adults…it felt like we had a whole new crew of aunts, uncles, and grandparents caring about us. Sure, there were not a lot of young couples, but we were loved and supported. Soon after we joined, Dr. Turner retired and the church began searching for a new pastor. Although we did not have children (and did not know if we even wanted to have children), we were concerned that there was no permanent children’s minister. Midtown Houston was kind of “scary” in those years. So, for the first couple of years as members, we drove to church, then drove away right afterwards. 
With a new pastor came a new vitality at South Main. As a congregation, we focused on reaching out and growing our church. As a staff, we dedicated resources to getting the word out. South Main began to grow. We refocused  our children’s ministry into our new family ministry. South Main continues to grow. 
The Gribble family now includes a preteen and teenager that have grown up through the family that is South Main Baptist Church. They only know a life of going to church whenever the doors are open with their church family. They are growing up in a place of acceptance, grace, and love…which is not always how life feels for a middle school kiddo! As parents, we can’t think of a better gift to give our children than that security. 
So, back to the original question, why do I tell people about South Main? Because everyone wants a place where they can belong. In all the years serving and learning, we see that there is a place for everyone at this church.  Are you looking for a place where the people are...
New to Christianity?
Middle Schoolers?
High Schoolers?
South Main Baptist Church is full of those people! I invite you in this new year to consider sharing this gift with those you know that need a place to belong. Join me in telling others about our church family.

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