ADVENT DEVOTION: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Published December 15, 2020 by SMBC

Sanctuary from a Child's Perspective

By Charlie Funderburk

In my search to realize what my Sanctuary is during this advent season, I tried searching for a common thread that took place during the Advents I have been a part of. Through this reflection, I have found one of my earlier Sanctuaries for my younger years was very thought-provoking. As a small elementary school student, I found enjoyment in practical sports like baseball and football. But nothing quite captivated me more than the beauty of WWE professional wrestling. Though I would no longer openly call myself a professional wrestling fan, I am still drawn to it with tremendous respect

The first time I watched WWE I was about nine years old, in a hotel with my brother. He turned it on. My mom was repulsed. I was hooked. So much was happening on the TV at once. People were jumping off ladders and tables to collide with each other. People with big fancy costumes would parade around with giant, golden championship belts. It sounds like a hectic and violent type of Sanctuary, but I found a sense of stability in my nine-year-old life that WWE would be on every Monday night.

My Christian upbringing most definitely played a factor in how I watched WWE. From an even younger age, my church and my parents told me countless amounts of time that the good guys win. No matter what. So when I watched John Cena fight Randy Orton, I was always sure John Cena was going to win. I felt a sense of hope when watching it. I knew that no matter how difficult and dreary a situation was, the good guy wrestler would win. And if they didn't win, they?d win the next time. Professional wrestling showed me that hope is not impossible. That is why it was my Sanctuary. Hope exists in all places, even in a wrestling ring.