Advent Devotional December 15: Written by Ward and Carolyn Hill in 2001

Published December 15, 2019 by SMBC

?Did you talk to Jesus'? When our oldest grandson was just two years old, as he was playing he passed through the room where his mother was making a telephone call, and naturally he wanted to know whom she was calling.

She answered, ?I?m calling the church.?

As the little guy passed back through the room a few minutes later he asked, ?Did you talk to Jesus'? She said that the line was busy.

Yes, kids say the darndest things, and yet sometimes their insights are quite profound. At the young age of two, he certainly had church and Jesus connected.

This little incident occurred during the Advent season. As we are in a new Advent season, many years later, the question might well still be, ?Did you talk to Jesus'?- or was the line busy? Parties, shopping, decorating, sending out Christmas cards, church activities, travel, etc. - do these things ?clutter the line?? Perhaps we need to stop and make time to talk to Jesus: and to be certain we keep the line clear.

What better time to begin that as we celebrate the birth of the One who brings salvation to us, if only we believe. Let's ?clear the lines? not just at this season, but for this season, for 2001, and beyond. We need only to be willing to follow ?for whoever finds life and receives favor from the Lord? (Proverbs 8:35).

Father, help me live this Advent in a spirit of anticipation, always eager to hear Your call. Amen.