Advent Devotional December 17: Written by Betty Phelps in 1989

Published December 17, 2019 by SMBC

Matthew 2:2b

The verse popped into my thoughts as I read the invitation to write one of the Advent devotionals this year. Since I haven't been able to forget it, I reflected on it more seriously.

If we play the word association game using star, I immediately think ?twinkle,? and the song learned by children or move on to the common interpretation as celebrities from the entertainment or sports worlds. Stars decorate our lighted buildings, our tree tops, our parties, ourselves (as jewelry) throughout the holiday season. As a child, I received colored stars on a chart to indicate attendance at Sunday school. What do all of these uses have to do with His star or our following it?

Throughout the years of our marriage, Sam and I have gone often to the little East Texas town of his birth. One of the special treats on a clear evening is to go outside and look up. What wondrous beauty! We see more stars than we remember exist, but I?d never considered the lesson to be found in that fact.

When we get away from barriers and distractions and pollutants that cloud our lives, we can clearly see His star. If we truly worship Him as our first goal in life, the real message of Christmas is ours every day.

Lord, fix our clouded eyes on You that we may worship You in the beauty of Your holiness, and convicted, confessed, cleansed, and challenged, may greet each new day.