Advent Devotional December 25: This Little Light of Mine

Published December 25, 2017 by SMBC

I have come into the world as light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. John 12:46

By Valerie Homan

Some of my most memorable moments of Advent while growing up are of Christmas Eve candlelight services. I was always in such awe of the glowing light as it spread throughout the church. As I grew, I began to understand the significance of the light's symbolism. Each year during this moment of the service, I reflect upon how His light has been there to lead me out of my darkest moments. From the darkness of miscarriages, to the darkness of losing a very special loved one, to broken relationships with family members, His light has always shone through to guide me. Last year, I got to see the light through the eyes of my firstborn son, Eli. He held his little battery-operated candle on Christmas Eve and was in awe just as I had been throughout my childhood. I cannot wait to teach my children the significance of His light as they grow. My prayer is that they will always seek the light of Jesus Christ in their darkest times.

Dear Lord, please guide us with your light as we tread through the darkness. Let us share your light with the world and guide others to experience your love. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Valerie Homan has been a member of South Main since 2011 when she and her husband Nicholas decided to get married and call SMBC their home. She is the mother of Eli (2) and Georgia Mae (born in October).