Advent Devotional December 4: Written by Sharon Nickel in 1988

Published December 4, 2019 by SMBC

Matthew 2:11

Our family loves Christmas! We love its color--from the red of Santa's suit to the green of the fir tree. We love its aromas - from the scent of the pine to the smell of cookies baking. We loves its literature from the Christmas Carol to The Other Wise Man. We love its music - from ?Jingle Bells? to ?Joy to the World.? And last, but not least, we love its gifts. There is nothing prettier than a brightly decorated tree surrounded by gifts full of mysteries and surprises.

However, the gifts we cherish the most are those that cannot be wrapped: the gift of family whose love sustains us; the gift of friends who laugh and cry with us; and the gift of church family whose prayers support us. Then there is the greatest gift of all, God's gift of His Son. As we think of the Magi and their gifts to the Christ child, we know that the only ?gifts? we have to give are our time, our talents, and our tithe. Plus, we can take hold of the many opportunities we have to share His gift.

Yes, we love Christmas and its spirit of giving, and our prayer for this season is that we will continue to give throughout the year and ?Share His Love? with others.

O Lord, may the generosity of the Wise Men be ours, not just on your birthday, but always.