Advent Devotional December 6: Written by Gene Vickrey

Published December 6, 2019 by SMBC

I remember as a boy shaking the presents under the tree, trying to guess what was in the packages.

I remember the Christmas I got a new bicycle.

I remember the cold snowy night that I got up my courage and proposed to Alberta.

I remember the interest in reaching the goal for our World Mission offering every Christmas.

I remember the Silent Lord's Supper services and a time of visiting with those home for Christmas.

I remember the music and the messages during the Christmas season.

I remember when it snowed in Houston at Christmas time.

I remember at the Christmas season so very many special friends who were and are examples of the love of Christ.

I remember one night after Christmas, the boys and I took Alberta to the hospital, and a baby girl was born.

I remember that almost every year of our marriage we have juggled our schedules - have driven hundreds of miles to be with our families.

For me, the Christmas season includes a time of reflection, remembering those who are not here, and then remembering those who are here.

My schedule also includes individual time to worship God

?time to be with family experience love

?.to eat together pray together share stories

? to laugh together

? and to worship together.