Being ?the Family of God for You in this Place?

Published June 12, 2020 by SMBC

I've been watching my mother for years. I've watched her love on her mother, love on our family, and most recently, I have watched her love on our church family. A few Sundays ago, in the church parking lot, I got to watch that love put to action with the Lane family. I watched from my car as my mother stood in the May heat so she could sing a song using sign-language with the Lane children as Kate rolled their windows down. I watched my mother as she painted a picture of the ?family of God for us in this place.? Even though the quarantine guidelines have kept my mother from teaching the love of God through song to our MainKids on Wednesday nights, it has not kept her from worshiping with them. After talking about that afternoon with Kate and the kids, her youngest, Collins Grace, said ?I forgot the sign language but when I saw Momma Gail doing it, I remembered. I love Momma Gail and she helps me remember.? Isn't that true for all of us? When we are separated, we can forget. When we connect, we remember. Quarantine may be keeping us from 4100 Main, but it is not keeping us from the love of the church. Whether we worship through zoom, through Facebook live, or through a minivan window, we are still being church to one another. These are difficult times that only seem to be growing more difficult, but there is nothing we cannot do through love and through Christ. I pray we all find opportunities to connect with our church family during this time and are able to show love and receive love while we are apart. Just as my mother and four-year-old Collins Grace sang that afternoon, I hope we can come to sing together, and we can come to praise the Lord.