Celebrating Bill Pugh's 20th anniversary

Published May 17, 2022 by SMBC

This week we celebrate Bill Pugh's long service to our church. Bill has gracefully ministered to God's people at South Main as our Director of Facilities for 20 years. Join us as we thank Bill for his dedication to the South Main church family.

Learn more about Bill through this Q&A:

Tell us about your family.

I was born and raised in Canton, Mississippi, as the youngest of 8 children. My wife and I met at the age of 13 and will be married 38 years on July 21, 2022. We have one daughter Katesha Guerrero. Katesha is married to Roy Guerrero.

How did you get to South Main?

Tom J. Williams and I worked together at Houston's First Baptist Church. Tom twisted my arm for three years, telling me nothing but good things about South Main and his church family.

Tell us a little about your faith journey? How do you balance it and working at South Main?

I start my day with a daily prayer giving thanks to God, with ten minutes of devotional reading most of all, knowing that God is leading and guiding me throughout the day.

What brings you the most pride about the work you do at the church?

Leadership is about stewardship and the willingness to serve. Serving others requires focus on their needs rather than your own.

What was one of your most difficult life experiences and how did you get through it?

When my mom passed away in June 1986, I was 26 years old. While still grieving five months later, God led me to join Houston's First Baptist Church staff. Here I am 35½ years later still serving the Lord and most of all enjoying every minute of it. Also, when my wife had a stroke in 2016, seeing God's healing power and seeing our faith grow stronger.

What are some of your hobbies?

Classic vehicles, yard work, and sports—football and basketball (watching only).

What is your greatest joy in life?

Following God's footsteps and spending time with and supporting my family.

What is your vision for South Main 20 years from now?

Church growth. Continuing to spread the word in the Midtown community and around the world. Staying focused on the mission (leading people into growing relationship with Jesus) and continuing to be exceptionally innovative in our model. Continuing to build strong children and youth programs.