End of Year Need: $1,101,852

Published December 7, 2021 by SMBC

It seems to happen every year: we pray over, write, and then adopt a budget that will guide our work together for the year. Through the course of the year we give 75% of the budget in 11 months. Then each year we come into December needing to give more than we have ever given before in order to meet the budget. And then, more years than not, we give the whole budget. As near as I can tell, that has been our pattern for at least 50 years. And still, the reality that we need to give $1,101,852 in 24 days feels daunting.

But, at least for me, if I step back from that big number, what I know is that we have the money. It is in my bank account and yours. It is in stocks. It is in other assets. And if we each do our part to give gratefully ? that is, if we count our blessings and decide to give thanks to the One who blessed us - we will have more than enough. I know we can give it.

We have seen the blessings. This week in worship alone was a microcosm of what God has been doing in our midst. We shared in baptism as we gained a new brother in Glenn Simmons. We glimpsed the future of our church and the world in the Robertson and Mavligit families as they lit and carried the Peace candle. We saw the fruit of years of music ministry in the confident and joyful singing of our youth. God has blessed us richly, indeed.

We have a great challenge before us to fully give our budget, but there's a great celebration ahead if we do so. Missy and I are going to pray about what we can give over and above our tithe to help us get there. Would you do the same thing as we continue to deck this tree and accomplish this good work together? For more information on giving go to SMBC.org/giving.

grace and truth,