End of Year Need: $280,201.78

Published December 30, 2021 by Steve Wells

With only two days to go, we still have a hill to climb. We started December needing to give over $1.1 million in order to meet our budget. That the need is now under $300,000 means most of the people reading these words have already given generously. Thank you!

And we can still give the budget if we all give. If you have not given and are unable to do so, please know the church has resources available to help you in the future. Good stewardship gives you space to breath financially and capacity to give joyfully. 

If you have already given a God-honoring gift, thank you! We are where we are because of the faithful giving of a whole lot of people just like you. If you have given already and have some capacity to give more at year end, please pray about doing so. It may be that 2021 offered more financial blessing than you anticipated, and you really can give over and above what you had planned. If that is you, now is the time to step in. 

If you have been waiting to see whether the church needs your gift, we do! You have today and tomorrow to make a gift that will help us reach this year's budget goal. Every gift counts and each gift makes a difference.

Let's work together to finish well what we have been doing all year. 

grace and truth,