End of Year Need: $584,323

Published December 20, 2017 by SMBC

On a rustic farm outside Maua, Kenya, 35 boys have been freed from a life of addiction and welcomed back into life in faith, family, and with the promise of a bright future.

In Collique, Peru, 3,000 patients this year were treated by a physician or dentist; 120 children received hot and healthy meals five days per week; and a church is growing in the middle of the community.

In Sichuan, China, 17 church leaders earned internationally accredited masters degrees and are now more fully prepared to pastor churches in a region of the world thirsting for more discipleship, more spiritual direction, more revelation.

Add to that 65 missionaries around the world, and work for God's justice around the country and the world and you have a sense of what your mission dollars given to the budget of South Main do every day. Over ten percent of our church's annual budget goes to mission causes. We've made commitments to our mission partners and they, in turn, are doing remarkable and meaningful work spanning the globe. All that's left is to fund the work for which we have prayed and made promises.

As of the time of this writing, we need $584,323 to fully fund the budget.

We've made extraordinary progress in only a week, and I know that means some in our congregation have now given all they can give this year. I hope our progress persuades you that you ought to be a part of this final effort to make our budget and complete our commitment to those who are beneficiaries of our budget's priorities.

As we enter into Christmas week, please pray for our effort and, if you haven't yet done so, make your plan to offer a final gift this year as we all- each one of us- give sacrificially to God's Kingdom through South Main.

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Grace and truth,