End of Year Need: $641,643

Published December 15, 2020 by SMBC

Take a minute to think back over the past year. Don't think about what you've lost or what was frustratingly different. Think about the ways the church was with you in these strange days. Did you connect on Zoom with your Sunday School? Were you able to be ?in? worship from home? Or while you were away from Houston? Were your children or grandchildren blessed by a video of Little Church? Did a minister or a member of the church call to check on you? Among the most amazing things about 2020 for me has been the myriad of ways we have found to be church for one another and to do church with one another - even when we could not be together. You have done a marvelous job of tending one another. I believe our ministers, staff, and members have worked hard and well to make the church available to a scattered congregation. Together we sought to deliver hope and healing, grace and truth to one another in perilous days.

Now there is another opportunity to be and to do church. In the closing days of the year ? those between now and the close of books on December 31 - we need to give $641,643 in order to give together what we have spent together. If you have already given all you can for the year, thank you. Your gifts have sustained us and made possible a whole set of new vehicles for delivering ministry to people right where they are. If you have not yet given or have the ability to give more, I pray you will do so in the next 2 weeks. I believe you will find real joy in being a part of all we have done together. And I hope you'll find real peace in helping the church enter the coming year on solid ground.

grace and truth,

Steve Wells