Family Ministry Lenten Reading Plan

Published March 25, 2024 by Family Ministry Team
Week 7

It is our final week of our Lenten reading plan. As you walk through this final week reflect on how you are able to journey through this week from the low of Good Friday to the highest of high on Easter.


March 25 – Mark 14:12–31

The Last Supper, Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial

Reflection Question
As we start the final week of Lent, how do you feel about Good Friday and Easter Sunday coming up at the end of the week?

March 26 – Mark 14:32–52

Gethsemane, Jesus Arrested

Reflection Question
1. How does Jesus respond to Judas and His captors?
2. What does this teach us about loving our enemies?

March 27 – Mark 14:53–72

Jesus Before the Sanhedrin, Peter Disowns Jesus

Reflection Questions
1. Who does Jesus claim to be when He is brought before the Sanhedrin?
2. What does is mean for Jesus to be the Messiah?

March 28 – Mark 15:1–32

Jesus Before Pilate, The Soldiers Mock Jesus, The Crucifixion of Jesus

Reflection Question
How does it make you feel to know that Jesus died for you specifically, as well as for all of humanity so that you could be forgiven of your sins and have a full relationship with God?

March 29 – Mark 15:33–47

The Death of Jesus, The Burial of Jesus

Reflection Question
Today is Good Friday. Why do we call it "Good" Friday when it's all about remembering Jesus' death and painful crucifixion?

March 30 – Mark 16:1–20

Jesus Has Risen

Reflection Questions
How does the good news of Jesus' resurrection change your life?