Family Ministry MLK Weekend Trips

Published January 23, 2024 by Amy Brown, Alyssa Carter, and Lane Craig

Over MLK weekend, our Family Ministry ventured outside of Houston for some much needed respite and fun for all of our 3rd through 12th graders. All of the groups had such a wonderful time and meaningful time fellowshipping together!


by Alyssa Carter, Minister to Children

The MainKids took over Great Wolf Lodge where we did lots of water park play, went on a scavenger hunt, played some arcade games, and became closer to God. I loved getting to watch the kids become closer friends with each other, try new things, and be brave. A few of my favorite moments I got to share with the kids were how they encouraged me to go on the slides and rides—ones that I normally wouldn’t have tried but did because I was with them—and watching them encourage and help each other during the scavenger hunt when they couldn’t figure out the clues or read the map. Since I was in the room with the girls, I have to say that a top memory of mine was listening to the girls talk about how proud of themselves they were for trying new things, how much fun they were having with each other, and turning on music and singing loudly in the room while we got ready for bed! 

“The tornado was the best ride! I also really liked that we got to have a slumber party every night; it was super fun!”– Katie Bryant 

“My favorite part was the magiquest because I became a senior magi.” – Warren Tompkins

The 527 Tribe

by Lane Craig, Family Ministry Resident

The 527 Tribe traveled to Round Rock, Texas, for our annual MLK Trip at Kalahari Resorts. During the weekend we sang our hearts out on the bus ride, laughed together as we made our own “inside jokes” with one another, and flew down exhilarating water slides. But every evening, each room would gather together with their leaders, as we looked into the Scriptures and discussed the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As we talked about the history of the MLK Jr. weekend, we asked our Tribers, “Why do you think we always take a trip during the MLK weekend every year?” Many of their answers were, “Because it’s the cheapest time to go?” or “Because we need a break from school?” The real answer is actually much simpler: “It’s because it’s a three-day weekend!” That is three fully uninterrupted days for these students not only to face the challenge of going down humongous water slides but to form and create lifelong relationships with one another. Here at South Main, that’s exactly what we are in the business of doing. We want every space in the Family Ministry to be a hub for your child to experience what an authentic community looks like. One of the many ways we do that is through these sorts of trips. Not only did we have an absolute BLAST, but we came back to Houston with a deeper and richer understanding of the community that forms exactly who we are: The 527 Tribe.


by Amy Brown, Minister to Youth

In the bustling chaos of everyday life, finding moments of peace and connection can be challenging. However, that was exactly what our Youth experienced on a retreat at Carolina Creek in Huntsville, Texas. Team-building exercises, group challenges, bonfires, hiking, prayer, engaging discussions, and guided reflections allowed space to unwind, connect, and build memories that will last a lifetime. While our time at Carolina Creek was cut short because of the winter weather, our fun continued at church with games, good food, and a lock-in. The retreat was not just a getaway; it was a sacred space where faith was deepened and 2:00 AM connections were forged.