Family Ministry Spotlight: The 527 Tribe

Published April 25, 2018 by SMBC

Cindy Hippel, Lynda McKnight, Bobbye Kolter, Ryan Lane, and Greg Taylor are the Sunday School teachers for the boys and girls of The 527 Tribe. These leaders are intentional about figuring out exactly what our 5th-7thgraders need intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually during this time in their lives. In the second installment of our "Meet The Family Ministry Volunteer Team? series, Cindy Hippel shares why she feels so privileged to teach our Tribe girls Sunday School class.

By Cindy Hippel

It is difficult to express what teaching The 527 Tribe girls (5th, 6th, and 7thgrade) means to me because it is such a joy! Imagine teaching a small class (12-14) of inquisitive girls who attend regularly, respect each other, desire to explore their faith, and have quirky senses of humor. That's a teacher's dream.

Tribe girls have definite opinions. At this age they are quite spontaneous and are open to new ideas. Each Sunday is a new adventure. We sing, pray, study age appropriate topics, and read the Bible for our truth. Using a set curriculum we explore our faith in God and what it means to follow Jesus. Though discussions often take unexpected turns, exploring one's faith and doubts promotes growth.

I thank the church for providing a dedicated space for this age group. Thanks to the creative design of Greta Buerhle, Dolores Rader, and Hannah Rollins, our space is welcoming, attractive, and a designated place for middle school kids to hang out. I also commend the parents for their involvement and support. Thanks also to Lynda McKnight, Bobbie Kolter, and Hannah Rollins for their interest and time with The 527 Tribe girls.

I invite you to stop by and see what was once the ?Gym? but is now transformed into the special Tribe space. You will want to stay and hang out with the kids, I promise. I feel that God has called me to teach this age group, and I count it a genuine privilege.