Family Ministry Spotlight: Youth

Published April 26, 2018 by SMBC

Nathan Benesh, Kendra Skipworth, Ruben Jarrin, Blake Wilson, Robbie and Ally Matteson, Carla Brown, Catrice Mays, and Alan Wilson are the Family Group Leaders in the Youth Center every Sunday who teach, listen, mentor, and love on our 8th - 12th graders. They are amazing small group leaders, and we are grateful for their faithfulness and openness with our Youth. In the first installment of our "Meet The Family Ministry Volunteer Team? series, Nathan Benesh shares what makes being a Family Group leader so special.

By Nathan Benesh

Along with Kendra Skipworth, I?m one of the leaders for Family Group 1, the youngest family group in the youth ministry. I personally find it very rewarding to work with this group of kids. They?re at a point where they still have one foot in their childhood but are quickly making the transition to adults (even if they haven't yet figured out who that adult is going to be). As their group leaders, we get to experience the benefits of both sides of that amazing transformation. They come each Sunday able to contribute in conversation and consider complex and abstract ideas while still approaching many aspects of the Christian faith with a refreshing newness and innocence. Of course, their middle school stories may wander, and their youthful exuberance can be hard to steer, but that energy is what makes it both fun and so easy to see how quickly they are growing.