Family Ministry Volunteer Spotlight

Published February 1, 2022 by SMBC

I am a volunteer in the MainKids area. Every Sunday I witness so many acts of love and kindness for the children at South Main. I wish every parent had the opportunity to observe the wonderful things that are happening for the children in the Family Ministry.

I am at a loss for words to express what an amazing spiritual gift Leigh Anne Bryant, the teachers, the staff, and volunteers are giving to the MKs. Middle Church, lessons, lesson-connected activities, bible drills, and music are excellent. They embody Worship, Discover, and Share in concrete ways.

Recently, the MainKids participated in a ?Camp In.? The Youth Center was transformed into a ?campground,? and every aspect of the event was coordinated. The children had sessions to learn about sewing, cooking, bible study, and ?goof off? time in the gym. There was even an excursion on the METRORail to Discovery Green where the we played miniature golf.

I am honored to be associated with such a wonderful ministry!