Family Ministry Volunteer Spotlight

Published February 15, 2022 by Krystol Wheeler

I'll admit it, I love The 527 Tribe! If you had told me 5 years ago that I would ever enjoy hanging out with preteens, I might have laughed out loud to your face in smug disbelief. I remember the age well and why most people are relieved to be past it. I could not have imagined then how much I would enjoy watching God prove me wrong over the last 4 years about this amazing group we call the Tribe.

As middle schoolers, the Tribe can be loud, chaotic, dramatic, awkward, and self-focused at times. However, hanging out with them the past few years has reminded me they are also deeply insightful, compassionate, loving, thoughtful young humans overflowing with potential for God-sized things.

Life is hard, especially at this age. I am honored to be one of the adults offering our Tribe a consistent presence of love and grace and support each week at South Main. I learn far more from them than I could ever teach; God designs it that way. Every year, I say the group of kids I have in Small Group are my favorite, and I've not been wrong yet!