Happy 10th Anniversary, Greg Funderburk!

Published February 7, 2022 by Steve Wells

It is hard to overstate the ways Greg Funderburk has blessed and shaped South Main. Prior to joining our pastoral team, Greg taught the Watershed bible study for young adults, volunteered in Friends 'N Deeds, and occasionally taught Wednesday night Bible study. He chaired the missions committee, the stewardship committee, and our strategic planning committee. He was as engaged in the church as one could be.

Then God called him from the pew to the pastoral team. In these ten years, Greg has reshaped the way we approach missions, led our discipleship, and found the depth of his calling in pastoral care. He has been the calm voice in hospital waiting rooms, the caring presence at the funeral home, and the voice of Gospel hope at the graveside and in memorial services. In addition to these private and quiet spaces, he has built structures to tend our homebound members, enhanced MainStreamers, and served as the voice of care for our church staff.

For ten years Greg has incarnated the Gospel on our team in ways that built on his prior service and leadership. I don't know what we would do without Greg, and I am glad we do not have to find out. I hope you will find Greg in the next few weeks and thank him personally for all the ways he has blessed you and South Main.