How Can I Share at South Main?

Published March 1, 2022 by SMBC

As we move deeper into the year, our mission work at South Main is roaring along at full speed. You might be can I help? We have three different mission areas that have urgent needs—one relates to assisting students at an under-resourced elementary school in our neighborhood, another concerns assisting the numerous Afghan refugees who have recently come to the Houston area, and the final one pertains to our Manna ministry which helps the homeless population around our church

Here's what is needed: 

As part of our ongoing effort to support students, families, and teachers at MacGregor Elementary School, we are collecting the following school supplies: glue sticks, composition notebooks, pencils, pink erasers, red pens, black pens, 24 count crayons, colored pencils.

Secondly, as refugees from the Afghanistan crisis arrive in the city, one of their foremost needs is transportation. As many of them don't yet hold Texas drivers' licenses, they are using bicycles for travel, to stay connected to one another, and to access many of their practical needs. If you have any functional bicycles which you are not utilizing, they can be put to good use as we try to help folks settling into our community.

Finally, those who are homeless in our midst lack a number of everyday necessities. In addition, our homeless neighbors often come to us seeking small, easily portable Bibles. If you'd like to support our Manna Ministry, please bring packages of new socks and/or small or pocket-sized Bibles or copies of the Gospel. 

All of these items can be dropped off in the Welcome Center during business hours Monday through Thursday so they can be subsequently delivered to those in need.