Published February 17, 2018 by SMBC

By Mark Gribble

How do I find God? These are five words that really make me nervous. It should be easy for us to find God in our lives, right? The all-powerful, omniscient being who spoke and created the universe shouldn't be that hard to find. There are tons of examples in the Bible where God clearly made his presence felt, so where's mine? Am I too busy with the daily grind to notice Him?

I tend to find God when I am more disciplined in my life. When I take the time to actually read the devotional I agreed to work through with my wife, He's more present. For me, it takes removing the distractions and bringing a focus back to what I say is important in my life.

This is why I enjoy Lent. This season grounds me, and I enjoy the daily interaction when I make time for Him. We don't give something up for Lent, we usually add a healthy habit. I flossed like crazy one Lent, so much that the dentist was really impressed!! That little bit of extra focus every day not only improves my life, it helps me reach out to God, and it turns out, He was there all along.