Lenten Devotional: February 21

Published February 21, 2018 by Brandon Wheeler

The noon of "heartache" is as old as the ages. Scholars of old and new have wrestled to define, trace, and heal the ubiquitous experience of physical ailments stemming from emotional grief. And heartache is the partner of love. Love has no limit in application or amplitude. Likewise, heartache is felt in an endless array of context and severity. 

The hymn "What Wondrous Love is This?" has always helped me revisit the heartache of Lent. The music and lyrics provoke reflection on Christ's unfathomable love for us as he sacrificed himself, and the heartache I feel in appreciation of—and guilt for—that sacrifice. The season of Lent is intended to prepare our hearts and minds for Easter. For me, the unpleasant heartache I feel about Jesus' sacrifice makes me feel connected to him. The pain reassures me that my love for Jesus is indeed sincere, and it reminds me of Jesus' sincere love for me. 

This season, I pray that you will feel even more connected to Christ as we approach the celebration of Jesus' sacrifice and rebirth.