Published February 22, 2018 by SMBC

By Helen Hoover
Last year in March, I drove to Inks Lake State Park for a day trip. The park is about an hour northwest of Austin and was the perfect place to unwind after a busy first semester in medical school. Serene water, meandering trails, and bright wildflowers craft an atmosphere where you can't help but feel still. Around mid-afternoon, I climbed to the top of a small hill. The breeze that found me up there was the kind that blows through every hair on your head and invites you to play. Races you down hills and encourages singing. With the countryside spread out before me and the sun shining the way it can only in springtime, gratitude filled me completely. God's name was clearly written on the label of this gift which was given to His children simply because He loves them.

Regular life is rarely so picturesque. Looking for God on the 8am metro is a bit like Where's Waldo; when I ask God where to go I often feel as if I'm met with silence. But our God doesn't need us to seek Him out: He has a way of sneaking up on us. When we least suspect it, when we need it the most, when we call on Him by name, He finds us where we are. Thanks be to God.