Published March 15, 2018 by SMBC

By Andrea Hoxie

On the 6th day of April 1996, I awoke with a ?hitch? in my right hip. I thought I must have bursitis or some other malady of my mother's as I tend to get ?whatever mom has? but 15-20 years earlier in my life than mom. Each day brought on more pain and discomfort until by the end of the following week the entire right side of my body was useless. I was diagnosed with a condition that was unknown to me and everyone I knew. I never returned to full-time work. Though certified as totally disabled, once my savings and disability insurance income were depleted, I was on my own. But I really wasn?t.

Over these 21+ years, my life's roller coaster has had ups, downs, twists, turns. In the worst of those times, what kept me going was remembering Who has always kept me. In the darkest times, I forget, but only for a while, as a phone call, passing smile, stranger asking for help, the morning sun, would prompt ME to thank Him, and press on. For when I open my eyes, ears, heart, or hands, He is right there, as He always has been.