Published March 17, 2018 by SMBC

By Katy Rudisill

The man at the Bethseda pool possessed a true, legitimate need. He sat by the pool's edge desperately waiting for the waters to stir, clinging to the hope he could grasp the healing right before him. Although God undoubtedly planned to answer his need, day after day passed, and his body remained crippled as others all around him claimed the promise the pool offered. God could have chosen any number of ways to save the man from his situation. He could have sent someone to lift him into the bubbling pool; He could have sent his angels to hold the others back. Yet for years, the man waited, certainly contemplating the growing impossibility of his healing. In those countless passing moments though God had a better, more amazing, plan that would not only heal the man's body but, of far greater importance, save his soul. Because he sat there waiting, he stood face to face with Jesus who rescued him in a way that the pool could never have. Through the delay, he found God in a tangible, unimaginable, life-changing way, and I, like the man at the pool, often find God's wondrous hand after I have sat, expectantly waiting.