Published March 21, 2018 by SMBC

By Larissa Fletcher

The hardest time in my life was between my husband's terminal cancer diagnosis and his death seven months later. During these seven months I cried out to God daily. Ironically the sermon topic two days after his diagnosis was on ?not my will, but yours be done.? I wasn't ready to say those words yet. In those first few months I prayed for God to spare my husband's life - I honestly wasn't interested in any other alternative. My prayers changed the last few months to asking and pleading with God to take my husband peacefully so that he could finally be free of pain and suffering.

Since John's death I have found God through the kindness and love of his followers. One church member sends me and my daughter cards frequently, others have welcomed us into their family and share meals with us often. Several have come and done odd jobs at both mine and my mother-in-law's house. I am thankful that God never abandoned me - even though I feel like I abandoned Him at times.