Published March 28, 2018 by SMBC

By Margie Ehlers

When I looked up the word ?find? in the dictionary, I discovered that this word has six definitions. Of the listed meanings, the one I mostly associate with ?find? is to locate or recover something that has been lost or misplaced. Honestly, I don't have the greatest fondness for searching for things: the shoe that has been shoved under the bed when we need to be walking out of the door, the ONE missing red lego part or the permission slip that must be turned in that day that got placed at the bottom of a stack of papers.

When I think about finding God, I often need to remind myself that he has not been shoved under the bed or placed at the bottom of a stack of papers. In other words, God is not lost or misplaced. Since he is not lost, I don't need to engage in a difficult or exasperating search. I can ?find? God by allowing myself to take a deep breath, pause and slow down (which is much easier said than done for me). In these precious moments, I can reach out and connect with God since he is always near.

Heavenly Father, as we walk through this Lenten season, please help me not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of my daily tasks so I can truly find you. -Amen