I Can Do My Part

Published February 17, 2020 by SMBC

By Jonathan Moore, South Main Member

Beginning a regimen of giving can be a difficult thing. 10% seems like an awful lot of income to lose right off the top, and sometimes it can be hard to see the tangible results of your gifts. At the most recent business meeting, however, two statements led me to begin my own monthly auto-draft donation to South Main Baptist Church.

The first was the statistic about the giving by the children of the church. Our kids are giving at an incredible rate. If the youngest among us are making this church body a priority, why shouldn't I? I think about all of the choir anthems I get to sing as a member of the Sanctuary choir, our incredible new organ, and all of the beautiful spaces we enjoy as we worship, discover, and share together. If these things are a priority for me, helping to fund them is the surest way I can do my part to continue the growth and success of this church.

The second thought was one I had not previously considered: you don't have to start at a true tithe. Somehow I felt like if I couldn't give 10% right away, it was not worth giving at all. That is just not the case. Start with 5%, or 2%, or even 0.5%! In my case, I have a ready-made small percentage that already exists in my budget: my 2% union working dues that are automatically withdrawn from my paycheck. After a few months of dues being automatically withdrawn, my budget has adjusted and I don't really miss that small amount. And yet, I have seen firsthand the impact 2% can have as dues from thousands of members across the country come together to support our needs and staff. So, I am beginning with a 2% contribution to SMBC this year, and I am planning to increase that number gradually. If a 10% tithe seems too daunting right now, join me in starting small and supporting all of the wonderful work of South Main.


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