Lent Devotional: Wednesday, April 3

Published April 3, 2019 by SMBC

By Jane Benesh

It was a sunny Sunday when I was in Kindergarten. We were just leaving for church. While my dad was locking up the house, my brother and I were racing down the concrete driveway. I tripped on a rock and fell down. Hard. I felt a terrible pain in my ankle. Just then, my dad walked toward me with his keys when he noticed me on the ground, crying. When he asked me what happened, I said, "We were racing, and I tripped." He didn't realize how hurt my ankle was, and when he told me to get into the car, I couldn't, so he helped me. I was worried I had broken it or had done something bad that couldn't be fixed.
When we got to church, he looked at my ankle and realized it was swelling. He realized I had sprained my ankle, and he started to comfort me. He made a special trip to get a special bandage.

My dad was a comfort to me, and God put him there, so in a way, God comforted me, too.