Lenten Devotion, Saturday, March 26, 2022

Published March 26, 2022 by Brandon Wheeler

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

As I reflect on the importance of Lent, I think about God's faithfulness toward me, and remember the ways God has prepared me through each season of my life so far to be who I am today. I try to remember that my goals or needs may be relatively small or short-term in the big picture. God plays the long game, and His will is always with purpose, even when that purpose is not seen easily within our preferred timetables. Like many of us, I can recall numerous times when I have asked—pleaded with—God to act swiftly and decisively, usually to ease suffering or hardship for myself or someone I love. But God does not offer us a life free from pain.

Though not especially unique, my childhood was fraught with pain and difficulties stemming from a very tumultuous family life. As I have grown older, I can see evidence of God's faithfulness toward me embedded in those experiences. Through the crucible of my childhood, experiences both good and bad were used as God built me brick by brick. He built me to feel a deep connection with the suffering of others. He built me to be overtly expressive of my love of others. He built me to understand what John meant when he wrote, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear" (1 John 4:18). I'm confident these core values and attributes of mine are the absolute best parts of what I have to give to others. These strengths were born from pain that Christ used for good.

God's faithfulness has prepared me to approach my roles as husband, father, friend, and professional as part of my Christian mission. The famous psychiatrist Dr. Karl Menninger once said, "It is unlove that makes us unwell. And it is love and only love that can make us well again." God was with me during the more difficult years in the past, and He remains with me as I work to be an agent of love during this season of life and the next.

Brandon M. Wheeler and his wife, Krystol, have attended SMBC since 2013. Together, they have seven-year-old Owen. Brandon teaches adult Sunday School at South Main. Professionally, Brandon is a licensed psychotherapist who owns the group practice Wheelhouse Counseling.