Lenten Devotion, Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Published April 5, 2022 by Chairein Jackson

Bad Weather

Storms can be scary: high winds, heavy rain, poor traveling conditions. If a storm is bad, it can conjure different elements at the same time. When faced with a bad storm, you may have to seek shelter, "turn around don't drown," or "hunker down." But when we go through a life storm, do you seek shelter in God?

God has set forth a path for us and given us life. Life is truly such a beautiful journey, but we are bound to face a few storms. God never said that we would not suffer but he did say that he will not leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). When in a storm, it is understandable to be scared or anxious, but God should be our refuge and our strength to make it out. Just as it is important to stay where you are and not travel during a storm, God wants us to be still and listen to him.

Because we serve a good God he is always there for us, but we must be willing to trust him enough to listen to what he has to say. When we listen, God tends to reveal things to us for which we were blind. God works in ways that we may not always see but he works everything together for our good.

You may be in the eye of your storm, but remember that God is with you, he carries you, and he has a plan for you. How will you choose to "hunker down" during your storm?

Chairein Jackson is currently in her fifth year of education and teaching middle school choir. She has been fortunate enough to lead the Agape Choir at South Main Baptist Church and now leads the Youth Choir. Chairein is originally from Pflugerville, Texas, but currently resides in Houston. She comes from a supportive family, with her father who is a pastor, a loving mother, and two wonderful sisters.