Lenten Devotional, April 9: By Angel Parades

Published April 9, 2020 by SMBC

My Forgiving Heart

By Angel Parades

Forgiveness is not hard for me if it's something small. Now, if it's something more significant, it becomes challenging without God in my life.
My mother forgave me daily growing up. Bless her. I remember when I was in elementary school, I would get in trouble for horseplaying with my brother, but also for not doing well in school academically. When I saw how challenging life was for her, I felt inclined to ask her to forgive me through many "I'm sorry" sticky note messages. Without realizing it then, these were my first teachings on forgiveness.

I realize written apologies or words may never be sufficient to repair what's been broken, as in my story where I am growing up without the presence of a father.

As I think about forgiveness and how it relates to my story, I am reminded that forgiveness comes from God's grace through the Holy Spirit in me. It comes from His love for us. It comes from His peace and joy.

In my growing faith, through the support of my family and church, and God's love for me, and as I continue to walk in my story, sharing salt and light with the world, I have learned to forgive those absent in my life. I have learned to trust in His presence. - Romans 5: 1-11.