Our Gift to Future Generations

Published February 28, 2019 by SMBC

Although we recognize that the church is, at its core, its people, the improvements that were made possible by the capital campaign provide a place where we can bring our family each week to play, laugh, learn, and serve with our family of God. Because of the work done in the kitchen and the Fellowship Hall, our family can comfortably and reliably have meals with our family of faith, enriching the bonds that we form with other adults and giving our children the opportunity to develop those bonds, too. The music has always been very fine and was one of the things that first drew us to South Main, yet the improved acoustics in the Sanctuary have enhanced our ability to hear and enjoy the music that's made. Without the new organ, some of that music wouldn't be possible to make at all. The intentional choice of the congregation to restore our historic building rather than renovate it into a modern space (as happens all too often) allows us on a weekly basis to take in a beauty that's uncommon in our city, which we regard as a gift to our children and future generations.