This Is Our Story: New Member Lucy Gray

Published July 13, 2021 by SMBC

Lucy Gray moved to The Village at Southampton in January of 2021 to live near her daughter and son-in-law, Caroline and Larry Heard. Another blessing of the move was to be near four of her nine grandchildren. She was a member at First Baptist Church Pensacola, Florida where she was active in missions programs such as the GA's and the WMU, Sunday school and the church choir.

Lucy moved her membership to South Main Baptist Church to be with her family. While living in Pensacola during the pandemic, she listened to the South Main Sunday worship services by live streaming. She says the service was always a blessing to her.

Lucy has enjoyed needlepointing and genealogy for over 60 years. She was intrigued to find that one of her ancestors who came to America in the late 1600s was educated at Cambridge University to become a minister in the Church of England. He entered America in Virginia to become the minister of the Church of England there.

Because of Lucy's Baptist connection, she met her late husband, Paul Gray, at a college retreat at a Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly in North Carolina in June of 1950. They married after Lucy graduated from Florida State University in 1952.

Welcome to the South Main family, Lucy!

In response to your decision, we pledge ourselves to be the family of God for you in this place. We offer you our love, our care, our kinship, and our hopes. We hope to learn from you, give to you, and receive from you by God's grace.