This is our Story: New Member Ruby Jefferies

Published July 27, 2021 by SMBC

Ruby Jefferies is 11 years old and a rising 6th grader. She is an active member of the Tribe and also rings Handbells. Ruby's parents are Alison and Rob Jefferies and her sister, Jenna, is active with our Youth. Ruby is a fourth generation South Mainer and her grandparents are Jane and Brian Jefferies.

Ruby said she joined South Main during the pandemic because she felt that even during the challenging times she still needed to follow her path to God

Ruby participates in community theater groups, plays ukulele, and is learning guitar.

Welcome to the South Main family, Ruby!

In response to your decision, we pledge ourselves to be the family of God for you in this place. We offer you our love, our care, our kinship, and our hopes. We hope to learn from you, give to you, and receive from you by God's grace.