Operación San Andrés Summer 2016 Youth Mission Trip, Post #1

Published June 12, 2016 by Anna Rader

Today, we got the opportunity to visit OSA's new church, Luz de Esperanza, and meet some of their youth as well as participate in their worship service.

As returning youth, we saw some familiar faces and encountered new ones as we passed through confused faces and broken translations with silly games, from finger jousting to "Gigantes, Magos, y Duendes." Sharing some of our own youth group game traditions, we got to know the other youth and break the ice.

After these games, we sang for them in both Hebrew and Spanish and listened to a heartwarming story told by Kevin and translated into Spanish by Dennis. As we worshipped together, we realized that while we may speak different languages, sing different songs, or pray in different ways, we all worship the same God. Our faith unites people from Houston, Rome, Collique, and many other cities around the world, which is a very comforting and humbling feeling.

Anna Rader is a recent graduate of Manvel High School. In the fall, she will start at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.