Press Play on Pledging to the Budget

Published February 8, 2022 by Mark Gribble, Stewardship Committee Chair

In true South Main fashion, the congregation gave generously to end 2021 on a high note. We gave more than $1.2 million dollars in the month of December. Together, we oversubscribed the budget by $103,002, putting us in an incredibly good financial position moving into 2022. The Stewardship Committee is grateful to each and every person who was part of this incredible effort. 

As you remember, we had our 2022 Stewardship Pledge Campaign (Faith & Trust) back in October 2021. To date, we have received 198 pledges (compared to 191 for 2021). The Stewardship Committee is excited to see the number of pledges grow (up 3.7%) and didn't want anyone to feel left out. If you've joined the church recently, or just happened to miss our mailout, Sunday School announcements, testimonies or one of Pastor Steve's messages from the pulpit, we have great news! You can still get your pledge in for 2022. Simply click here to make your pledge online today. It's a quick and easy way for you to exercise your stewardship muscle and be part of the exciting things going on here at South Main.

Bonus Plug for Auto-Draft!

Now that you've made your 2022 pledge online, there's also a quick and easy way to sign up for auto-draft. I'm betting you don't have to write checks for your cable, Netflix, mortgage or any other commitments your family has made on a monthly recurring basis. Why not do the same with your pledge? There's a button for labeled "Auto-draft Now" right next to the "Pledge Now" button. It saves the time of scrambling on Sunday morning to find the checkbook remembering to bring your giving envelope. It also saves the church the cost of printing those giving envelopes, so there's a bonus right there! 

Finally, any way you choose to give is appreciated. The Stewardship Committee is here to help us all become better disciples of Christ through giving a portion of what He has given us back to the church. We're excited to see what God has planned for us to grow His kingdom in 2022.