A Saturday Well Spent: Discovery Day

Published April 30, 2012 by Kyle Barsch

My wife, Kelly, and I had the privilege of participating in Discovery Day this month. To be honest, I wasn't sure exactly why I should attend. Did I have a spiritual gift? How would I actually use one if I did?

I could not have been more wrong. The entire experience was eye-opening, and I got far more out of the day than I could have imagined. I would urge everyone to attend if you haven't previously had the opportunity. It's an excellent time to learn more about yourself, your gifts, and how you can make an impact at South Main while growing the Kingdom.

For us, it was a great opportunity for discussion and fellowship with our church family. A Saturday well spent!

Kyle and Kelly Barsch are South Main Members who teach Financial Peace University and Preschool Sunday school. They are proud parents of Eileen and Evan.