Senior Recognition Letters Needed

Published May 12, 2021 by SMBC

The Senior Class of 2021 prepares to be blessed and be a blessing to their entire church family on Sunday, May 23. On that day, each of our fourteen seniors will be presented with a keepsake wooden box hand-crafted by Andy Sikes. These boxes will be filled with notes from their church family affirming them and showering them with love and support.

The Family Ministry asks for your help in honoring these 14 - Anna Bernal (daughter of Kathy and David Bernal), Stephanie Donson and Allison Tirado (daughters of Sara and Esteban Tirado), Jonah Dove (son of Shannon and Chris Dove), Rorie Johnson (daughter of Tracey and Robert Wallace), Evan Lambert (son of Esther Lambert), Hayden McLaughlin (son of Lisa Marie and Sean McLaughlin), Anahi Quiroz (daughter of Elsa and Daniel Quiroz), Lauren Rader (daughter of Dolores and Steve Rader), Ashley Riggins (daughter of Tara Riggins), Pam Salas (daughter of Kendra and Andres Salas), Audrey Scott (daughter of Melissa and Steve Scott), Joe Taylor (son of Penny and Randy Taylor), and Rebecca Windle (daughter of Sally Ann and Bill Windle).

Please write a note (anything between just a couple of sentences to a page long letter) of congratulations, encouragement, memories, and/or well wishes.

Make sure to include the senior's name on the back of your notecard/paper or the top of your note.

Place letter(s) in a single mailing envelope addressed to: Senior Letters c/o Dolores Rader 4100 Main Street Houston TX 77002

Mail no later than May 19 or drop them off in the Welcome Center through the morning of May 23

Handwritten notes are preferred, but if that is not possible for you, please email notes to [email protected] by May 20.

Imagine the statement of love and solidarity their church family will make if each of the 14 seniors received an abundance of notes from you. Please find a few minutes to write. If you don't know them personally, please don't let that be a hindrance. You can imagine what they are feeling, and you know that Christ's love will come through the ink in very real and beautiful ways.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Dolores.