Story of Rosa Leyva - A College Student Supported by OSA

Published July 20, 2021 by SMBC

Over the past several months South Main's Operacion San Andres (OSA) mission in Peru has made major adjustments to its ministry endeavors in response to the on-going global pandemic. Examples include:

Providing direct food aid to OSA families and others impacted by lockdownsProviding non-perishable food items to about 30 soup kitchens scattered around ColliqueExtensive use of digital technology such as social media, videos and Zoom to provide educational, emotional, and spiritual support to children and familiesFun educational homework packets for almost 100 children each week to supplement their remote educationExpanded ministries of Luz de Esperanza Church

And, consistent with our belief that better education is the universal key to sustainable escape from poverty, OSA continues to pay the tuition and fees for several Collique high school graduates enrolled in degree programs at various universities. We hope you will click HERE to read about one of these students, Lidsay Rosa Leyva Diaz. For those of you who have participated in OSA mission trips, you may know that ?Rosa? is the daughter of MartÌn Leyva and Angelica Diaz. For the past several years, MartÌn has been an OSA employee responsible for maintenance of equipment and facilities and a key contributor for construction projects during mission trips.