Susan Moore's 25th Anniversary

May 21, 2023 at 12:30 pm

For 25 years, Susan Moore has, with steady devotion and unmatched faithfulness, served South Main Baptist Church. From her work as our church's Childcare Coordinator and Ministry Coordinator then, following her ordination as a Minister of the Gospel, overseeing all of our church's communication efforts, and now as our Executive Minister, Susan has unreservedly offered not only her gifts, but continually submitted her life to God's development of her gifts for Kingdom purposes. In all the roles in which she has labored, and in the generous spirit with which she carries herself, Susan consistently performs the hundreds of crucial yet often overlooked things on which our church's standard of excellence is not only maintained but elevated. On Sunday, May 21, we will recognize Susan's remarkable life of service in worship before sharing a celebratory meal together honoring Susan in Turner Fellowship Hall.

And we need your help, family! During the luncheon, our program will include a unique game of Family Feud where Susan's ?home? family takes on her ?work? family. Will you please take 3 minutes to provide us with responses for the game, so the emcee can say ?South Main Baptist Church was surveyed and the top answers are on the board!? Provide Family Feud top answers HERE.