Tend the Table – Women's Fellowship

April 27, 2024 at 5:30 pm
Turner Fellowship Hall

There aren’t many places in our lives where we sit across table from women with wisdom and life experience beyond our own and women with fresh perspective and youthful passion different from our own. And fewer still are those places where those women are genuinely invested in us - our health and our joy - with an agape love and grace. We’ve planned exactly that place for the women and girls of South Main Baptist Church on the evening of Saturday, April 27.

In addition to conversation and a lovely meal prepared by Miss Sherrie, Alicia Gilpin, M.A., LPC of the Rise Wellness Group leads us to consider the importance of mental health in women and girls and how relationships with other women - especially multigenerational - are crucial to our well being. We hope you and those you love will join us for this special evening.

5:30 PM Mix and mingle
6:00 PM Dinner is served followed by speaker

Cost is $25 per adult and $15 for high school and younger.

Childcare is available with reservation for young children.

Registration closes Wednesday, April 24. When you register, we invite you to denote the friends you would love to share table with.