Thank you to David Johnson, Broadcast Team Leader

Published February 15, 2022 by SMBC

This month we celebrate 40 years of David Johnson leading the Broadcast team. This group of volunteers has enabled our services to be shared online for over 60 years to our community and beyond.

Being able to stream our services is now an essential part of the worship experience at South Main. We are able to record any service live and stream the events worldwide in real time. This has afforded viewers the opportunity to watch memorial services in Japan, weddings in Scotland, Sunday morning worship services in China and Africa, and we have regular viewers who watch every Sunday from all over the world. We can record services in the Chapel, in Turner Fellowship Hall, and in the Sanctuary, all from the broadcast suite.

Thank you, David, for this major impact on spreading the Good News about what's happening at South Main Baptist Church to the rest of the world.