Thank you from our High School Seniors, Part 1

Published June 8, 2021 by SMBC

Anna Bernal

Dear South Main,

Thank you for loving me, guiding me and supporting me through life's ups and downs. You have shown me the importance of having a church family and provided me with memories and experiences that helped shape who I am today.

Love, Anna Grace

Stephanie Donson

Thank you South Main, for helping me transition into my new and forever family, and for being a supportive structure during hard times. I appreciate all your support and kindness you have shown me these past three years. .

Jonah Dove

I would like to thank South Main for being a place of love and acceptance despite my doubt. Every bit of South Main will continue to hold a place in my heart.

Rorie Johnson

I would like to thank my South Main church family for the plethora of opportunities they have given me over the past seven years to explore my relationship with God and my friends! I have thoroughly enjoyed every Sunday school class and all the trips we have taken together.